How to package cakes in a box and keep cool

I like cheesecake.
I tasted a lot of cheese cakes in japan. And I think Japanese like cheesecakes.
We don't have a long history of cheese in japan.
(Although, there is a literature of Japanese cheese named DAIGO and SO in the 10th century in japan)
Natural cheese is so expensive in Japan. We usually eat processed cheese.
Maybe we are not familiar to the fresh cheese ,such as eating cream cheese with jam or so, we are familiar to eat cheesecake.
You can find cheesecakes chocolate cakes shortcake(sponge cake with cream and fruit)in almost every cake shops in japan.

There is another Japanese culture in japan about cakes.
Cake shops in japan sells not only a hole type cake but a one piece cake.
One piece type cake means a cake for one person. A small type of cake or a piece of cut cake of the hole cake.
In a very special way ,we can bring back cakes to home in a box.
There is a keeping cool pack named HOREIZAI.
One HOREIZAI can keep cakes cool for 30 minuets.
2 HOREIZAI can keep about 1 hour.
But usually 2 hours is a limit to keep cool.
Most of the cake shop in Japan say "you can't bring a cake cool for more than two hour."
Dry ice change the taste of cake , so we don't usually use dry ice.

This is the picture of HOREIZAI.

There are many types of HOREIZAI.
Of course, you can't eat HOREIZAI. You can use HOREIZAI if you put in your freezer for personal use.(I am sad there are few recycle system of HOREIZAI.)

How to bring cakes to home is a big problem.
A fancy decoration cake is easy to break.
Most of the shop uses a cardboard like this picture.
There are many slit in this cardboard
You can make many different size circle and make a protect of cakes.

Cakes are sometimes on a rugged cardboard.(Cakes are often fixed to this rugged cardboard by chocolate)
We often fix the rugged cardboard to a base of the box by scotch tape ,put the protect circle cardboard and then fix it to the side of the box.
Some cake is in a plastic cup. Some cup's diameter of the base are very small and they are easy to fall down.
Protect cardboard will protect to fall down

I will put some picture example of fixing cakes in to a box in the last part of this blog

I hope cake bring back system will spread to many county.
Someday when I go to a trip to other country. I can enjoy many cakes in the hotel.

In Japan,you can buy cakes in DEPACHIKA.
DEPACHIKA is the first basement level of department store.
There are many department store in Japan, MITUKOSHI DAIMARU HANKYU SEIBU MATUZAKAYA SOGOU etc.
Most of the first basement level of department store in Japan are a food corner and cakes corner are drawing card.
Most of the famous cake shops have a branch in the first basement level of department store.
Of corse you can buy some cakes in a cake shop too.
I think the most delicious cake shops are in KOBE.

You can find many good cake shops in Kobe Sannnomiya (三宮)、Ashiya (芦屋),Mikage (御影).